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Non-tiered, time-of-use rates for EV drivers

Our residential electric vehicle rate option provides EV drivers with a cost-effective way of charging their car. Unlike most residential rates, which are tiered with increasing rates as monthly usage goes up, EV rates are flat and do not have tiers. This means you don’t have to worry about your EV charging pushing you into expensive, high tier rates.

EV rates also vary depending on when you use electricity, so it’s important to charge your car late at night – this will allow you to take full advantage of the lower, off peak rates for charging. EV rates apply to all of your household electricity usage, so even your late night TV binge watching will be cheaper! You’ll also want to avoid charging during the summer peak period from 2pm-9pm during May through October, when rates are higher.

MCE’s residential EV rate schedule corresponds to PG&E’s EV rates. If you just got your first EV and need to change your rate, you’ll need to contact PG&E. To sign up for EV rates, please complete PG&E’s online application or call PG&E at: 1 (866) 743-0335. Once your account has moved to PG&E’s EV rate schedule, your MCE account will automatically be billed under the corresponding MCE EV rate.

Find an EV Charging Station

We’re a proud sponsor of charging stations in San Rafael, Belvedere, and San Anselmo. Visit Plug Share to find a charging station near you.

Reduce Your Associated Emissions to ZERO

As an EV driver you already know that you have greatly reduced your carbon footprint by eliminating all of the tailpipe emissions that come out of your car. And you may have already considered the emissions associated with the electricity that goes into your car. By choosing Deep Green 100% renewable energy or Local Sol 100% locally sourced solar electricity service options for your electric vehicle, the emissions associated with running your car are ZERO!