We promised local renewables. Now we’re delivering.

We have 19 megawatts of renewable energy projects online, under construction, or soon to be under construction locally!
We think that’s something worth smiling about!

Local renewables producing power, today

Freethy Industrial Park

On February 14, 2017, MCE and JHS Properties unveiled Freethy Industrial Park, a new, two-megawatt, ground-mounted solar project in the City of Richmond, marking the completion of MCE’s third Feed-In Tariff project. Bob Herbst, property manager for JHS Properties, managed MCE’s first FIT project at the San Rafael Airport – one megawatt of solar which came online in 2012.

Sunstall Inc. and the City of Richmond’s RichmondBUILD program provided labor to construct the solar panel installation, which supported 23 jobs. Through RichmondBUILD’s program, workers gained a new skill set, making them eligible for further opportunities to work for local solar installation companies. Three permanent jobs were created for Energy Systems Development to maintain the system for ten years. The Freethy Industrial Park solar project supplies enough electricity to power up to 600 homes annually, with greenhouse gas reductions equivalent to taking 114 cars off the road each year.

Cost Plus Plaza Larkspur

Taking advantage of MCE’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program, Rawson, Blum & Leon (RBL),  is utilizing unused rooftop space at Cost Plus World Market in Larkspur. This project will produce clean energy, support local jobs, and will be a long term investment with a promising return. To help incentivize local renewable projects such as this, MCE purchases electricity from FIT projects at an above market rate. The project — developed by Rawson, Blue & Leon and Alta Energy — came online in late September 2016 and is delivering over 265 kilowatts of solar energy to the grid, powering 100 homes per year.

Solar Shade Structure at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

This local project was negotiated as part of the “Cottonwood” solar contract with Dominion to build another 23 MW of solar energy in central California. This 1 MW solar carport shade structure was built on a parking lot at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, the Nation’s first independent research facility focused solely on understanding the connection between aging and chronic disease. The project came online in May 2016 and will provide enough power for up to 300 homes per year. Project construction supported 25 jobs, provided by Cupertino Electric, an IBEW 1245 Signatory contractor.

San Rafael Airport Solar

Airports have a ton of roof space to spare, so why not convert them into solar surfaces? In 2012, that’s exactly what the San Rafael Airport decided to do. Through our Feed-In Tariff contract, the airport is selling 100% of the locally generated electricity from their 972 kilowatt solar project to MCE.

You can even see how much energy the airport is generating right this minute!

  • Designed by San Rafael-based REP Energy
  • Built in 2012 by Muir Beach-based Synapse Electric
  • 20 jobs employed by Synapse Electric for project construction
  • Employees identified by Marin City Community Development Corporation and CLP Resources
  • Locally financed by Bank of Marin and businessman Joe Shekou
  • 85% of the solar panels are American-made, manufactured by REC Group
  • 100% of the inverters are American-made, manufactured by Power-One

Local renewables under construction

1 Solar Megawatt at Novato Cooley Quarry

With the help of Danlin Solar, REP Energy, and the Novato Cooley Quarry, MCE will soon be flipping the switch on a new community solar farm. The project is being developed under MCE’s Feed-In Tariff, a standard offer contract for local renewable projects. The Cooley Quarry project will supply Local Sol customers with brand new 100% solar energy.

One of our long-term goals is to give every resident and business in our service area access to affordable clean energy from sources as local as possible. Not everyone is a homeowner, and not every homeowner can install solar panels on their home, but everyone should have access to solar energy. Now with Local Sol, anyone in our service area can harness the power of the sun. To take advantage of the solar energy produced at the Cooley Quarry in Novato, contact us to become a Local Sol Founding Customer.

Waste-to-Energy at the Redwood Landfill

Yesterday’s trash is tomorrow’s electricity at the Redwood Landfill in Novato. For years, the methane gas that emitted from decomposing garbage at the landfill was gathered, processed, and burned. In December 2016, however, Waste Management will begin to treat the collected gas and convert it into electricity through internal combustion engines or generators. The project, managed by T.V. John & Son, Inc., will support six jobs.

Two generators currently being installed at the landfill power plant will produce 3.6 megawatts of renewable energy – enough electricity to power 5,000 homes per year! This landfill gas project will not only provide renewable energy, it will also destroy methane, a greenhouse gas that is over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The Bay Area’s Largest Publicly Owned Solar Project, MCE Solar One

Local communities are gearing up for construction of the largest publicly owned solar project in the Bay Area! The Solar One Project is a new 49-acre, 10.5 MW ground mount solar farm in Richmond, California. The project will support 341 jobs and once completed will generate enough power for 3,417 homes per year. We’ve teamed up with RichmondBUILD – which has successfully graduated hundreds of students and placed an impressive 80% of its graduates into well paying jobs – to train and hire its skilled graduates as employees for the project. This is expected to be the first MCE-owned project. Pre-development costs are covered in part by Deep Green customers.

Solar One will be constructed on a Chevron Richmond Refinery brownfield site. Because the installation will not compromise the landfill cap, the site is an ideal location for ground mounted solar.

The Environmental Impact report is available here, under the Power Supply Documents tab. Please note that the report is linked in two parts, Part I and Part II.

We look forward for this project coming online in 2017!

This report describes the Solar One project as well as the environmental impacts, mitigation measures, and residual impacts associated with it’s implementation.Please note that the report is linked in two parts:

Interested in MCE Solar One employment opportunities?

All hiring will be made through Cenergy, the selected engineering, procurement, and electrical (EPC) contractor. We encourage you to visit their website and submit your resume.

Phone: (714) 727-8000
Fax: (760) 683-3116

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