Local Sol 100% Locally-Produced Solar Energy


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Local Sol is limited to approximately 300 customers.

Local Sol is our 100% solar energy service option. With energy produced by a local solar farm located in our service area, Local Sol truly is local. By choosing Local Sol, customers are directly funding a local solar farm, promoting the growth of our local green economy, and ensuring that their ratepayer dollars foster sustainable energy development right here in our community.

One of our long-term goals is to give each of our customers access to affordable clean energy sources produced as locally as possible. Not everyone is a homeowner, and not every homeowner can install solar panels on their home. But with Local Sol, anyone in the Counties of Marin and Napa, and the Cities of Richmond, Benicia, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Walnut Creek, and Lafayette can harness the power of the sun. Together, we’ll make huge strides in supporting local renewable development and creating economic benefits, like solar construction jobs, which create a brighter future for us all.

Local Sol Power Source

Locally-Produced Solar 100%

Know Exactly Where the Energy You Purchase Comes From

Electricity for Local Sol customers will be produced at the new Cooley Quarry Solar Project currently under construction through MCE’s best-in-California Feed-In Tariff program – a standard-offer contract for local renewable projects.

Rely on Long-term Rate Stability

Local Sol customers get a guaranteed, long-term rate that’s about 30% more than Light Green. The cost of Local Sol is directly tied to the rates paid through MCE’s Feed-In Tariff program: 14.2¢ per kWh (13.8 ¢ + 0.4¢ for administrative costs).

Residential Cost Comparison of MCE’s Premium Services

MCE Local Sol

100%locally-produced solar
  • $47.18
    PG&E Electric Delivery
  • $65.75
    Electric Generation
  • $13.78
    Additional PG&E Fees
  • $12671avg. total cost

MCE Deep Green

100%renewable energy**
  • $47.18
    PG&E Electric Delivery
  • $37.97
    Electric Generation
  • $13.78
    Additional PG&E Fees
  • $9893avg. total cost
*Based on a typical usage of 463 kWh at current PG&E rates and MCE rates effective as of September 1, 2016 under the Res-1/E-1 rate schedule. Actual differences may vary depending on usage, rate schedule, and other factors. Estimate provided is an average of seasonal rates.
**Renewable energy content as reported in the Annual Report to the California Energy Commission Power Source Disclosure Program in June 2016.

Local Sol FAQ

The Local Sol rate is $0.142/kWh – for both residential and commercial customers. This rate is directly tied to the cost of energy acquired through MCE’s Feed-In Tariff contract with the solar developer. As a result, the Local Sol rate will not increase over the 20-year term of the contract between MCE and the solar developer (beginning January 1, 2015 through and including December 31, 2035). If the Local Sol program is expanded beyond its initial phase, the Local Sol rate may decrease, but will not increase.

Local Sol is expected to become available in Winter 2016/17, but may be available earlier.

However, interested customers can enroll now either online or by calling 1 (888) 632-3674. You will be placed on the Local Sol waiting list on a first-come basis. Prior to the launch of the Local Sol program, we will contact you to confirm your continued interest the Local Sol service option and complete your enrollment.

Local Sol participation is limited to approximately 600 customers due to the limited solar power available from the Novato Cooley Quarry project. Customers are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deep Green and Local Sol both offer 100% renewable energy options. The major differences are the source, location and price of power.

Deep GreenLocal Sol
SourceWind, Solar & BiogasSolar
LocationOutside of MCE service areaNovato, CA
Price PremiumLight Green rate + $0.01/kWh$0.142/kWh
Local Sol customers will retain their current PG&E rate schedule for electric delivery charges, but will only pay the flat, non-time-of-use Local Sol rate for electric generation.
PG&E will continue to send your monthly electric bill. MCE’s charges for Local Sol 100% locally generated solar electricity will be included on your bill as a separate line item.
Many customers do not live in single-family homes or have limited exposure to direct sunlight where they live. Additionally, rooftop solar projects can be costly, and can require entering into complex leasing arrangements or long-term contracts. Local Sol offers customers the opportunity to collectively fund renewable development in their community, and use that production to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions associated with their electricity consumption.
Yes. Customers may opt out of Local Sol at any time. There is no term length associated with participation in Local Sol. If you choose to switch to another MCE service option, such as Light Green or Deep Green, no fee will apply. Customers who choose to switch to PG&E service after they have been with MCE for more than 60 days are subject to the same one-time $5.00 (residential) or $25.00 (commercial) fee that currently applies to all other MCE service options.