Striving to Maximize Renewable &
Carbon-Free Energy

As part of MCE’s ongoing effort to deliver environmentally responsible, competitively priced retail service options, MCE routinely holds an Open Season Procurement Process. The Open Season provides a competitive, objectively administered opportunity for qualified suppliers of various energy products to fulfill MCE’s future resource requirements identified in its annual Integrated Resource Plan. In addition, MCE may issue Ad Hoc Requests for Offers (RFOs) as necessary to address specific short-term product requirements. Volumes and products requested through any Ad Hoc RFOs vary in consideration of MCE’s operational requirements.

Open Season

As a result of MCE’s 2016 Open Season contracting, MCE has substantially fulfilled its immediate requirements for long-term renewable energy requirements and does not currently have sufficient long-term renewable resource open positions to warrant a 2017 Open Season solicitation.

Ad Hoc RFOs

MCE may issue Ad Hoc RFOs for short-term PCC1, PCC2, and Carbon Free energy throughout 2017.

Unsolicited Offers

Unsolicited offers will not be considered outside of Open Season or Ad Hoc RFOs unless they meet the following criteria:

1. Bundled and local PCC1, PCC2, or Carbon Free products (sited within a county in which MCE is serving customers: Marin, Napa, Contra Costa, and Solano);
2. Transaction term of no longer than 5 years;
3. NP15 trading hub delivery, scheduled in the Day Ahead market.

Please find MCE’s Open Season documentation, which will be updated regularly, via the links provided in the “Open Season Materials” and “Standard Forms” menus at right.

Questions regarding Open Season, Ad Hoc RFOs, and requests to be added to MCE’s RFO mailing list can be emailed to