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MCE’s innovative energy savings and customer programs offer solutions to address climate change, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Our energy efficiency, solar, and electric vehicle programs help customers reduce their carbon footprint, while improving the comfort and health of their homes and workplaces.

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From the drafts in our homes to the cars we drive, there are several actions that we can all take to substantially reduce the carbon footprint from our daily activities. MCE is helping residents and multifamily property owners do just that through the energy efficiency, electric vehicle, and solar programs below.

Energy Efficiency & Home Upgrades

Electric Vehicles & Charging


MCE’s energy efficiency and electric vehicle workplace charging programs help commercial customers small and large to lower their operating costs and attract and retain top talent. Our programs offer skilled technical assistance to help customers make the best decisions to reach their goals.

Energy Efficiency

EV Charging

Local Renewable Projects