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Daily Republic news article snapshot, says Fairfield council edges close to renewable energy future, shows city Vice Mayorsolar arrays, battery storage containers, overlay text says support, resilient, projects, commit, local, energy storageclose up, illuminated city sign, says Pleasant Hill, road view, north on Carquinez Bridge, text overlay says And Vallejoaerial view, rows of solar panels, flat grassy field, says twenty two local governments commit to 100% renewable energySolano County Supervisors Erin Hannigan and John Vasquez smile while standing in Solano County vineyard
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Your Choice Makes a Difference 

How Community Choice Aggregation Works 

With MCE, you’re investing in cleaner energy at a cost that is competitive with – and often even cheaper than – PG&E’s costs. PG&E will continue to deliver your electricity through their power lines and provide your gas service.

How Community Choice Aggregation Works

Because We’re All in This Together

Our mission is to address climate change by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy supply and energy efficiency at stable and competitive rates for customers while providing local economic and workforce benefits.

Why renewable? To help solve a critical issue that affects us all. Renewables come from constantly replenishing a virtually limitless supply of natural resources. Think sun, wind, bioenergy, small hydro, and geothermal heat. By turning to these sources instead of fossil fuels, we can help create a clean and secure energy future for California.

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