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MCEv Charging for Your Workplace or Multifamily Property

Add Value To Your Parking Lot

MCEv is now offering a larger charging rebate for workplace and multifamily properties to help you save significantly on hardware and installation costs.

Plus, MCEv is offering free technical assistance for the first 40 projects, providing you with an EV charging expert and electrician to help make your project a reality.

MCEv charging rebate and technical assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t wait!


  • $3,000 per charging port for 2-20 charging ports
  • Additional $500 per charging port for charging stations that have opted up to Deep Green 100% renewable energy
  • May be combined with other rebates
  • FREE technical assistance for the first 40 projects


  • Your workplace or multifamily property must be located in MCE’s service area
  • You must either be a
    • workplace that will offer charging to your employees and/or fleet, or
    • multifamily property of 4 or more units that will offer charging to your tenants
EV Charging Rates


  • Apply Online or Get in Touch

    Complete the EV and Charging Interest Form or contact or (415) 464-6686. MCEv will check if your project qualifies for the charging rebate.

  • Reserve Your Rebate

    Once qualified, MCEv will send you a Rebate Reservation Form to complete. This will hold those funds for your proposed project, as long as you meet expected benchmarks.

  • Get Your EV Charger Planning Report

    MCEv’s technical assistant will work with you to compile an EV Charging Planning Report, which includes a site assessment, load study, overview of additional incentives available, support in vendor selection, and recommendation on pricing for users post-installation.

  • Move Forward with Installation

    Once the project scope has been finalized, you will hire a vendor from PG&E’s or MCE’s approved list. These vendors were selected by PG&E due to their product meeting basic requirements and their experience installing the charging stations and servicing the charging network.

  • Submit Post-Install Documentation

    Notify MCEv upon project completion to start the project closeout process and complete a brief post-installation survey. Upon verification, MCEv’s charging rebate check will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days.

MCEv Charging Projects

Check out all our MCEv charging projects.

MCE has funded and installed over 600 EV charging ports in our service area and we’re eager to do more.

Help us encourage drivers to make the switch to all-electric vehicles while supporting the State of California’s goal of 1.5 million EVs by 2025. Will you join us?

illustrated map of MCE member communities, Marin, Contra Costa, Napa and Solano Counties

Featured Charging Project: City of Richmond

I have and would encourage others to utilize these MCE programs as they were very instrumental to increase our service deliverables to the public.

Denée Evans, Transportation Demand and Sustainability Manager


  • Upgraded discontinued chargers with networked stations
  • Doubled charging capacity from single-port to dual-port
  • City offers up to 4 hours of free charging to staff as benefit
  • EV chargers with Deep Green 100% renewable electricity


The MCEv charging rebate can reimburse the installation and/or hardware costs of networked Level 2 charging stations at workplaces and multifamily properties – not to exceed 100% of the total project costs after all incentives are accounted for.

The MCEv charging rebate does NOT cover any annual vendor fees, maintenance costs, or electricity costs of the charging ports.

In addition to the rebate, MCEv provides technical assistance for the first 40 qualified projects. The technical assistance comprises of the following services:

  • EV Charger Planning Report specific to your project including:
    • Site assessment to help determine where to place your charging station including a review of ADA options
    • Load study to help you understand the site’s electrical capacity, how many ports can be handled by your current electrical systems, and what upgrades may need to occur to handle your EV charging project
    • Overview of additional incentives available
    • Support in EV charging vendor selection
    • Recommendations for operating your EV chargers post-installation, such as pricing for users
  • Ongoing technical Q&A

The customer is still responsible for managing their own project including selecting a vendor.

Deep Green is MCE’s 100% renewable energy service made of solar and wind produced in California. Half of the Deep Green premium is invested in MCE’s Local Renewable Energy & Program Development Fund, helping to install over 600 electric vehicle charging ports and build renewable projects across MCE’s service area.

EVs are only as clean as the electricity that powers them. That’s why MCE encourages EV charging stations to opt up to Deep Green 100% renewable energy so that EVs can run even cleaner.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Charge Program is relaunching in early 2020 with stackable charging station rebates for workplace and multifamily projects across MCE’s service area.

Transportation Authority of Marin’s Alternative Fuel & Electric Vehicle Program offers charging station rebates for public sector customers in Marin County.

No, the charging stations do not have to be open to the public. You can determine who is able to access the chargers and when.

You can work with your charging vendor to set fee and rate structures to increase their utilization and, if desired, set discounts for certain groups to easily manage benefits. For example, an employer or multifamily property owner who wants to provide charging for staff or tenants at a free or discounted rate can create special access codes for that group while charging a different rate for the general public.

EV and Charging Interest Form for Workplaces and Multifamily Properties

EV Charging Rates

MCE customers are eligible to sign up for PG&E’s new electric vehicle (EV) charging rates. PG&E is offering two new EV rate plans that are specifically designed for customers with separately metered EV charging stations at workplaces and multifamily properties. Both rate plans combine a customizable monthly subscription charge with a time-of-use rate to help you save money.

MCE customers who sign up for PG&E’s new EV charging rate will continue to receive either MCE’s Light Green 60% renewable energy or Deep Green 100% renewable energy service.

How PG&E’s EV Charging Rates Work:

  • Monthly Subscription Charge – Choose your subscription level based on your maximum monthly EV charging kilowatt (kW) consumption. This can be adjusted throughout the month as needed to avoid overage fees.
  • Grace Period** – To help you determine the best subscription level, you have a grace period with no overage fees for three billing cycles after you enroll or when you add more EV charging units.
  • Overage Fees** – After the grace period, if your actual consumption (kW) exceeds your subscription level, you will be charged an overage fee of two times the cost of one kW for each kW you are over.
  • Time-of-Use Rate – In addition to your monthly subscription charge, your rate is based on how much energy you use and when you use it. Charging is most affordable midday when PG&E has higher levels of renewable energy generation.
*Business High Use EV Rate (BEV2) values shown. Business Low Use EV Rate (BEV1) has a peak rate of $0.33/kWh and the same off-peak and super off-peak rates as BEV2.
**Customers who sign up for the EV rate plans between May 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020 will be automatically enrolled into an extended grace period under which they will not be penalized with overage fees. Additionally, all EV customers will have a standard three billing cycle period automatically applied to their service agreement starting on October 1, 2020.

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