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Utility bills can be confusing, so we work with PG&E to make yours as simple and transparent as possible. While MCE is in charge of procuring the energy you use behind the scenes, you’ll still get your normal PG&E bill. Here are a few things you should know:

  • PG&E will no longer charge you for electric generation, since MCE now procures your energy from 60-100% renewable sources, depending on your service choice.
  • PG&E will continue to charge for electric delivery – the transmission and delivery of your electricity – as well as required regulatory and program charges.

Because PG&E and MCE are working together to provide your electric service, your bill will include charges from both PG&E and MCE, but there will never be any duplicate charges.

Understanding Your Bill

sample bill showing customer account number location, PG&E electric delivery and MCE electric generation line times

1  Account Number
Your PG&E–assigned number identifies your account. Please have the first 10 digits on hand if you call to enroll in MCE’s Deep Green or Local Sol service options, or if you opt out.

2  PG&E Electric Delivery Charges
PG&E’s charge for the delivery of electricity. It includes the cost of moving energy from the grid to your home or business and maintaining the electric lines so that you have reliable service, rain or shine!

3  MCE Electric Generation Charge
MCE’s charge for the generation of electricity. It includes the cost of electricity to match your home or business energy needs. It replaces a fee that PG&E would collect if they were providing your generation service. This is not an additional charge.

sample bill showing breakdown of customer electric charges

4  Your Electric Charges Breakdown
This provides a detailed summary of fees for PG&E’s Electric Delivery Charges.

sample bill showing customer tier indicator, generation credit, power charge indifference adjustment, franchise fee surcharge

5  Tier Indicator
This marker shows the highest tier you are being charged. If your electric use is more than your Tier 1 Allowance, which is set by state law, and crosses into Tier 2, the price you pay per kWh will increase. Customers who use more than 4 times their Tier 1 Baseline Allowance will be charged a High Usage Surcharge.

6  Generation Credit
The amount PG&E would have charged you if they provided your generation service. Because you’re getting your electricity from MCE, PG&E credits these fees back to you. You can compare this amount with your “Generation – Total” on the MCE Electric Generation Charges page ($38.02 on this sample bill).

7  Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)
PG&E collects this fee to cover the cost of energy they had contracted to purchase on your behalf prior to becoming an MCE customer.

8  Franchise Fee Surcharge
This fee pays for PG&E’s right to use public streets to run electric service to your home or business. This cost as well as the PCIA are always included in our cost comparisons.

sample electric bill showing customer rate schedule, Deep Green total, utility users tax, energy surcharge

9  Rate Schedule
Your rate schedule is based on your selected PG&E rate and determines how you are charged for the electricity provided. Visit our Rates page to learn more.

10  Deep Green Total
If you have chosen Deep Green 100% renewable energy service, you will have a line item for the penny per kilowatt-hour ($0.01/kWh) Deep Green premium. Half of this premium funds local renewable energy project development.

11  Utility Users Tax
Some cities may assess customers a Utility Users Tax, which is calculated as a percentage and applied to both your PG&E delivery and MCE generation charges.

12  Energy Surcharge
This charge applies regardless of your service provider. It is collected from all customers on behalf of the California Energy Commission.

Do you have questions? We have answers!

MCE and PG&E are dedicated to working together to make your power service and billing as simple and convenient as we can. If you have questions about your MCE charges, call us at 1 (888) 632-3674 or email us at For questions about other PG&E charges, call PG&E at 1 (866) 743-0335.