Clean Energy for Your Business

Be an environmental leader like The Rising Loafer by choosing renewable energy sources and show your customers that you value a clean energy future. With MCE, you have a choice when it comes to how much renewable energy you want for your business, nonprofit, or public agency at competitive and stable rates. If you want to do more, MCE offers opportunities to develop small-scale renewable energy projects, along with energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging station rebates to meet your energy needs while helping to create a clean energy future.

Your Energy Choices

Light Green



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With Light Green, 60% of your electricity service is from renewable sources (currently 61%), while being cost competitive to PG&E.

Deep Green



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With Deep Green, 100% of your electricity service is from Green-e Energy certified power from zero-emission solar and wind sources in California.

Local Sol



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With Local Sol, 100% of your electricity service is from locally-produced solar power from the Novato Cooley Quarry solar farm.

PG&E‘s standard service is 39% renewable. We invite you to learn about all the services options and rates available to you. You may also opt out of MCE and choose PG&E generation service.

Cleaner Energy Makes Good Business Sense 

MCE’s commercial electricity rates are affordable, stable, and transparent. Plus with MCE, you can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to fight climate change one kWh at a time.

Rates are set by MCE’s Board of Directors, a group of local elected officials who seek community input at MCE Board or Committee Meetings before annual rate changes go into effect. Learn more about rates.

Sample Monthly Commercial Electric Charges*

MCE Light Green

$31399average total cost


$31448average total cost

MCE Deep Green

$32668average total cost

MCE Local Sol

$38604average total cost
*Based on a typical usage of a small commercial customer in our service area at current PG&E rates and MCE rates effective as of July 1, 2019 under the A1X rate schedule. Actual differences may vary depending on usage, rate schedule, and other factors. Estimate provided is an average of seasonal rates.
**Renewable energy content as reported to the California Energy Commission’s Power Source Disclosure Program.

Commercial Programs & Offerings

Energy Efficiency for Businesses
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
MCE Clean Energy net energy metering
MCE’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and FIT Plus

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