MCE’s Community Power Coalition was formed in 2014 to cultivate a deep and dynamic relationship
with ratepayer advocates and community-based organizations that focus on the interests of
underrepresented and historically marginalized constituencies.

Community Power Coalition’s Mission


MCE has worked to address the specific challenges that confront historically marginalized communities within our service area in a variety of ways, such as:

  • sponsoring workforce development training,
  • offering low-income solar rebates, and
  • providing energy efficiency installations in affordable housing units.

Low-income communities are key participants in building the future energy economy, and we believe our policies and programs, which focus on the needs of our low-income communities, may serve as a model for other California communities eager to advance sustainable development and expand access to affordable, renewable energy.

Short-term Priorities

Democratic governance is core to MCE’s structure, so the Coalition’s emphasis on inclusion represents MCE’s goal to reflect the values of its diverse constituencies. The Coalition works to represent the most vulnerable communities within MCE’s service area to ensure their perspectives are incorporated into MCE’s policies, planning, and decision making processes. These include but are not limited to low-income households, and rate-payers who speak English as a non-native language (primarily Spanish speakers).

The Coalition will grow awareness about the environmental impact of MCE Solar One, as well as the workplace development opportunities it provides. MCE Solar One is the largest publicly-owned solar project in the Bay Area and is scheduled to come online in late 2016. This 10.5 megawatt solar project in Richmond will provide energy for up to 3,400 homes per year with American-made solar panels. The project will create local jobs due to an MCE-mandated 50% minimum local hire requirement (local unions welcome!).

Long-term Priorities

The Coalition seeks to align MCE’s programs more closely with the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized communities through research, collaboration with grassroots organizations, and development of internal processes and capacity. With this goal in mind, the Coalition also endeavors to help MCE achieve its larger mission of advancing sustainable development and expanding access to affordable renewable energy. This extends to partnering with community and grassroots policy advocacy organizations to further statewide policy goals, and utilizing the CCA energy model as a tool for environmental justice, including:

  • increasing funding opportunities for solar installations in low-income communities,
  • advocating for alternative models of community solar programs, and
  • reducing exit fees on disadvantaged communities.

Join the Coalition! We Need Your Voice!

We’re currently seeking to include the broad range of perspectives, identities, and experiences of other organizations into the Community Power Coalition. We work on a variety of issues ranging from local renewable energy project development – like MCE Solar One in Richmond – to outreach for MCE’s Spanish-speaking constituents, to environmental justice and consumer protection issues affecting MCE’s low-income customers. If your organization is interested partnering with MCE, please email Alexandra McGee, MCE’s Community Power Organizer at: