The historic City Hall and Police Station buildings facing one another in bucolic, downtown Calistoga belie the increasing energy efficiency and creature comforts of those facilities, thanks to projects initiated by Sustainable Napa’s Project Manager, Bill Bennett, and Calistoga’s City Manager, Dylan Feik. After retrofitting the city’s street lights in 2016, the following year, Calistoga implemented LED lighting upgrades to these two buildings as well as to the Department of Public Works.

“Our primary goal was to improve the workplace setting for our employees with new, environmentally friendly equipment,” said Dylan Feik. “Our Council is passionate about doing the right thing and being leaders on the environment. And, above all, we found that this made even more business sense. We anticipate saving over $2,200 annually in electricity costs at just our Police Station alone.”

Feik and the City plan to undertake one project each year to contribute to city, county, and state climate action plan goals. Calistoga was an early adopter of Napa County’s community-wide climate action plan and, last year, issued a resolution in support of the Paris Climate Action agreement.

To learn more about how your facility can improve the energy performance of your building equipment and save money while hitting sustainability targets, please contact Joey Lande, Customer Programs Manager at 415.464.6049.

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