A green and healthy home supports the well-being of the people living there in many different ways. Ensure your home is clean, healthy, and safe by following Green and Healthy Homes’ (GHHI’s) 8 Elements of a green and healthy home.

A green and healthy home is:

• Always clean spills and floods immediately
• Check the plumbing in your home for leaks
• Prevent rain water from entering your home by making sure drainage around the outside is flowing away from the house
• Prevent water from entering your home by repairing roof leaks before they get too big

• Empty trash regularly
• Make sure you have a place to keep dirty laundry so it’s not on the floor
• Reduce clutter
• Clean surfaces with a wet cloth or sponge instead of dry dusting to avoid suspending dust particles into the air

• Keep floors and window areas clean using a wet- cleaning approach
• Have your home tested for radon, a naturally occurring dangerous gas
• Reduce lead-related hazards in homes built before 1978 by having deteriorated paint removed or made safe

• If needed, consult an integrated pest management professional to determine the best way to safely remove pests from your home
• Seal cracks and openings throughout the home so pests can’t get in
• Store food in air tight containers

• Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers on hand, especially in the kitchen
• Secure loose rugs and repair loose handrails to prevent fall injuries
• Keep children’s play areas free from hard or sharp surfaces
• Store and properly label food

• Caulk windows and door frames to ensure that they are airtight
• Change the filter on your furnace when dirty
• Install a programmable thermostat for energy savings
• Seal your heating and cooling ducts
• Switch all light fixtures to LEDs

• Ensure adequate airflow throughout your home to avoid condensation and buildup of pollutants
• Ventilate bathrooms and kitchen

• Inspect, clean and repair your home routinely
• Take care of minor repairs and problems before they become large

For more information, please visit www.greenhealthyhomesmarin.com.

Want to share these 8 tips with members of your household and neighbors? Click here to download a PDF.

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