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MCE Electric Vehicle $3,500 Rebate Program

The MCEv Program is offering a $3,500 electric vehicle (EV) rebate to help to lower the price and ease the process of purchasing new EVs for income-qualifying customers. Both purchased and leased new EVs are eligible. Within the same application, MCE can also help qualifying customers combine this rebate with the State’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) for a total rebate of $7,000 to $8,000.

EVs are zero emissions, which means cleaner air and a healthier environment for your community! EV owners also save on the monthly cost of fuel and maintenance.


To qualify for MCE’s $3,500 EV rebate, the applicant must:

  • live in MCE’s service area, which includes Marin and Napa Counties, unincorporated Contra Costa County, unincorporated Solano County, and the Cities and Towns of Benicia, Concord, Danville, El Cerrito, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Pablo, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek
  • belong to a household that receives MCE electric service
  • meet at least one of the following household requirements:
    • be enrolled in one of the following programs:
      • CalWORKs/TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program)
      • Medicaid
      • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
      • CAPI (Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants)
      • Section 8 Rental Certificate Program for Very Low and Extremely Low Income classifications (HUD)
    • or meet the qualifying annual household income shown in the table
  • Purchase or Lease a qualified electric vehicle (EV) within 3 months of your rebate application. Check the list of qualified EVs here.

Customers enrolled in our California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) or Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) will still need to verify household income on the rebate application.

Household Size Maximum Combined Household Income*
1 $37,470
2 $50,730
3 $63,990
4 $77,250
5 $90,510
6 $103,770
7 $117,030
8 $130,290
9+ Add $13,260 for each additional person
*These values are equal to 300% of the 2019 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.

To find out if you qualify, please complete the EV Rebate Interest Form below and we will get back in touch with you. You can also contact us at or (415) 464-6686 to learn more about the program.

EV Rebate Interest Form for Income-Qualifying Customers

Other Available EV Incentives

We want to help all of our customers make the switch from gas to electric cars. MCE customers are eligible to receive the following EV rebates and discounts, subject to availability and restrictions:

Program New EV Used EV Available for Leases Additional Information
MCEv Program $3,500 does not apply yes Rebate provided after purchase.
Federal Tax Credit $3,000 (estimated) does not apply yes – applied by the dealer Tax credit provided after purchase. Tax credit ranges from $2,500-$7,500 based on tax liability, battery capacity, and vehicle make/model. $3,000 is an estimated amount for income-qualified customers.
California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) $1,000-$2,000 does not apply yes Rebate provided after purchase. CVAP and CVRP incentives cannot be combined. For customers that qualify for both incentives, CVRP is a better option for leasing a new EV.
California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project – Income-Qualified Increased Rebate $2,500 does not apply yes Rebate provided after purchase. Maximum household income must be 300% of 2018 Federal Poverty Level. This rebate may be applied to those qualified with Clean Cars for All.
Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP) Grant $5,000 $5,000 no Rebate provided at time of purchase. Maximum household income must be 400% of 2018 Federal Poverty Level. CVAP and CVRP incentives cannot be combined. For customers that qualify for both incentives, CVAP is a better option for purchasing a new or used EV.
PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate* $800 $800
(if the previous owner(s) did not already take advantage of the Clean Fuel Rebate)
yes Rebate provided after purchase.
Clean Cars for All $5,500-$9,500 $5,500-$9,500 yes Grant provided before purchase. Vehicle replacement program for income-qualified Bay Area residents seeking to replace their older vehicles with a hybrid, EV, or Clipper Card for public transportation.
*As an MCE customer you continue to receive PG&E electric delivery, billing, and maintenance services and are eligible to participate in PG&E’s EV rebate programs.

Need to Get Rid of An Old Gas Guzzler?

If you have not purchased an EV yet, you may qualify to participate in the Clean Cars for All Program and receive up to $9,500 for replacing your older vehicle with an EV. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District also offers a Vehicle Buyback Program, which will pay Bay Area residents $1,000 to turn in their operable, registered, 1996 or older vehicle for scrapping.

Find a Public Charging Station Near You

MCE is a proud sponsor of charging stations in San Rafael, Belvedere, San Anselmo, and many more to come throughout our service area. Visit Plug Share to find a charging station near you.

Special Electricity Rates for EV Drivers

Our residential EV rates are often lower than investor-owned utility rates, providing EV drivers a cost-effective way of charging their car at home. MCE’s EV rates are based on the time of day when a car is charged, with incentives for charging during off-peak usage hours like at night when charging is least expensive. This helps to support the grid by shifting load away from times of the day when usage is high and there is more strain on the grid towards times when generation is plentiful and overall usage is low.

EV rates apply to all of your household electricity usage, so even your late night TV binge watching will be cheaper! You’ll want to avoid charging during peak periods when rates are higher.

To sign up for EV rates, please complete PG&E’s online application or call PG&E at: 1 (866) 743-0335. Once your account has moved to PG&E’s EV rate schedule, your MCE account will automatically be billed under the corresponding MCE EV rate.

Go the Extra Mile with ZERO Emission Electricity

As an EV driver you already know that you have greatly reduced your carbon footprint by eliminating all of the tailpipe emissions that come out of your car.

Have you considered the emissions associated with the electricity that goes into your car? By choosing Deep Green 100% renewable energy for your household electricity, the emissions associated with charging your car are ZERO!

Electric Vehicle FAQ

No. When combined with rebates (such as MCE’s) and the cost of fuel and maintenance, owning an EV is often less expensive to operate than a gas-fueled car. Used EVs can be as low as $2,000 after rebates.

Yes! EVs undergo the same rigorous safety tests as traditional gas-fueled cars with additional standards for battery safety.

Yes! Replacing a gas-fueled car with an EV eliminates an average of 4.6 metric tons of air pollution from your community! It would take nearly 5.5 acres of trees to remove that much carbon in a year!