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In just four years, MCE customers have eliminated 122,120 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
It would take all of the trees in Muir Woods 180 years to sequester that much carbon!

Where Our Power Comes From

We procure our energy from clean, renewable sources such as solar, wind, bioenergy, geothermal, and small hydroelectric. We closely research and monitor our suppliers to ensure that they are using green, responsible practices and sourcing our power from renewable energy providers throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Not only is our power greener, it’s also as local as possible. See our power sources in our 2015 Power Content Label.

19 Current Power Suppliers

Why Renewable Energy Matters

Fossil fuels and the conventional energy we use to power our homes and businesses are directly linked to harmful greenhouse gases, so MCE’s mission is to make it easier for customers in Marin and Napa Counties, and the cities of Benicia, El Cerrito, Lafayette, Richmond, San Pablo, and Walnut Creek to use a higher percentage of renewable energy instead of traditional oil, nuclear, and coal sources. Our number one goal is to offer responsible, reliable energy to our customers.

For our Deep Green customers, we buy 100% renewable power. And for Local Sol customers, we source 100% new solar power from local sites within our service area.

Growing Renewable Development

MCE has 60 energy project contracts with over 19 different suppliers, and these numbers will continue to grow. We currently have more than 199 megawatts of new, California renewable energy online and under development for our customers. MCE and its partners have committed over $500.6 million to the development of local renewable energy projects within our service area and the state of California.

Integrated Resource Plan

We follow an annually updated Integrated Resource Plan to determine our electricity resource needs and guide our procurement process. Our goals include a long-term objective of 100% renewable energy for all customers, as well as short-term goals that set local parameters around electricity procurement and storage. We are aiming to provide our Light Green customers with 80% renewable and 95% carbon-free power by 2025. 

Energy Source FAQs

We have short and long-term contracts with a variety of power suppliers to meet the energy needs of our customers. Each year, we host an “open season” process where developers or owners of renewable energy projects can propose contracts. We also operate a Feed-In Tariff program, through which local developers can create and sell small renewable energy projects directly to us at a set price, provided that they are located in our service area.

MCE procures 50-100% renewable electricity on behalf of our customers. Our customers have the option of choosing between three ultra-green renewable energy products. Light Green is 50% renewable,Deep Green is 100% renewable, andLocal Sol is 100% locally-produced solar.

MCE also purchases large hydroelectric, which some consider “clean” because it is greenhouse gas–free. MCE does not make specific nuclear purchases.