smiling MCE staff member Brett Wiley sitting on couch, holding note pad, says thank you

Thank you for your interest in our MCEv Vehicle Rebate program!

Our program is still open but it’s on a first come, first serve basis so don’t wait to take action. Here are the 3 main qualifications in our program:

  1. Be a MCE customer. Review our guide of how to understand your electricity bill. Does your electricity bill include “MCE Electric Generation Charges”? Email with your address and the name of the person on your electricity bill if you want us to check for you.
  2. Be income qualified. See household income thresholds and other programs that would allow someone to pre-qualify. Do you meet the household income qualifications?
  3. Purchase or lease a new, eligible EV. Did you purchase or lease a new, eligible EV in the past 3 months? Our program is a rebate so it requires this to happen before applying. You can also save time by using our application to apply for the MCEv Vehicle Rebate and the State’s CVRP at the same time.

Did you answer “Yes” to all 3 questions? If so, please move forward in completing this application for the MCEv Vehicle Rebate.

Did you answer “No” to any of those 3 questions? Then, here are some resources to help you move forward:

Please email if you have any further questions.

Brett Wiley
MCE Customer Programs Manager