Include Your Team in the Living Lightly Challenge!

Religious communities, community groups, and schools in MCE’s service area are invited to participate in the Living Lightly Challenge. As a central part of the community, these groups play a vital role in encouraging individuals to make responsible and sustainable choices that help fight climate change and protect the environment for generations to come. The Living Lightly Challenge allows groups to set and track goals for encouraging their community members to opt up to pollution-free, 100% California renewable energy service.

What is a Team?

Teams can consist of any religious organization, school group, or community group. You can even start your own group just for the purposes of this challenge. The only requirement for a team to participate is that they have at least 15 Deep Green sign-ups per team and a designated point person to work with MCE.

Individuals without a team can sign up for Deep Green on the Living Lightly Deep Green Enrollment Form by selecting “other” under “Team Name.”

If you’re an individual looking to create a new team, we encourage you to reach out to your friends and neighbors to come up with a fun team name and start reaching out in your community! Send one email to ten of your friends and encourage them to send it to their friends and so on! One person can make a big impact when you start reaching out.

How to Add Your Team to the Challenge

  1. Submit the application below.
  2. MCE will add the logo of your facility or organization and its name to the Enrollment Form dropdown menu. If you don’t have a logo, please see the instructions below.
  3. Get 15 of your members (from different households) to enroll in Deep Green by using the Living Lightly Deep Green Enrollment Form. Those that are already enrolled in Deep Green (i.e., those that have been Deep Green customers prior to your community joining the Living Lightly Challenge) are welcome to use this form as well! There is no risk of these customers being charged twice for Deep Green.
  4. MCE will verify the eligibility of your team members to enroll in Deep Green 100% renewable energy (based on the location of their residence) and complete their enrollment. Once 15 members have signed up, we can begin tracking your team’s goals so your members can see the momentum they’ve created!

Resources for Participating Teams

MCE is here to support you in this challenge! As part of your outreach to your team members, we invite you to use the following samples and graphics to share information about the environmental and local economic benefits of MCE and Deep Green 100% renewable energy.

Join fellow [facility/organization/team] members in the 100% renewable movement! This year, [facility/organization/team] is setting an example in the community by participating in the Living Lightly Challenge with a goal of opting up [opt up goal #] residents to MCE’s Deep Green 100% California renewable energy. Formed by the public and climate change leaders to build cleaner power and invest in our local economies, MCE is a not-for-profit, public, electricity provider.

Make a Difference. According to the EPA, electric power is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Choosing an electric service with 100% renewable sources can eliminate your electricity-related carbon footprint! MCE provides a cost competitive way for residents and businesses to make that choice. The good news is, if you live in Marin County, Napa County, or unincorporated Contra Costa County, or the Cities and Towns of Benicia, Concord, Danville, El Cerrito, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Pablo, San Ramon, and
Walnut Creek, you are eligible for Deep Green service.

Deep Green Cost. The even better news, is that, for the average household, Deep Green 100% renewable energy is just $2 more per month than PG&E’s 33% renewable service. The Deep Green premium is only $0.01 per kilowatt-hour, half of which goes towards the build out of new, local renewable projects – like MCE Solar One, a 10.5 megawatt solar farm in Richmond. You can find out how much Deep Green will cost you by taking a look at your bill. Find your “Total Usage” (kWh), which is usually on the third page of your bill at the top right corner. Simply multiply that number by $0.01 to calculate the additional amount you would have paid for Deep Green that month.

Sign Up Today! For just a few dollars more per month, you can join other [facility/organization/team] members to #LivingLightly and make a big impact on the planet. Sign up online at:

Social Media Hashtag

We invite you to use the hashtag #LivingLightly on your social media posts to help followers find you. Please also tag us at @mceCleanEnergy so that we can share and retweet your posts.

Sample Posts

Visit the #LivingLightly table after event on [date] to go 100% renewable energy in an instant with @mceCleanEnergy’s Deep Green service.

Living Lightly Graphics

To download these images, please right click and select image download (on mac: control + click on image > select: “save image as”).

Consider sharing the following information about MCE and Deep Green 100% renewable energy service through:

  • Email
  • Community board poster/flyer
  • Usher/greeter handouts
  • Bulletins/e-Newsletters
  • After-service or event announcements
  • Tabling before and after services or community meetings

Also, be sure to send your members to the Living Lightly page to track your team’s progress!

Half Page Flyer Design (pdf) is all set up to print two flyers on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper. Download the file and add your team name in the form field at the bottom of the page to customize your flyer. Enjoy!