SmartCharge EV Pilot Program

In collaboration with eMotorWerks, the MCE SmartCharge program is an electric vehicle (EV) pilot program that adapts the times when your car is charging in order to help relieve grid congestion and maximize renewable energy capacity in California.

The SmartCharge program is currently closed for enrollment.

This program allows you to set charging times and monitor the status of your charge through eMotorWerks’ cloud-based software platform, JuiceNet. The JuiceNet platform periodically makes adjustments to the time of day and speed that your car is charging to reduce the need to operate polluting power plants when energy is in high demand. In addition, your charging station will be automatically turned off when your car is fully charged to ensure your car is not drawing electricity even if it’s still plugged in.

These benefits all help to reduce the need for dirty fuel sources, while rewarding you in the process!

Your vehicle will always be at maximum charge when you need it, and you can continue to choose what time of day your car is charging. The price you pay for electricity (your rate) will not change. 

To take advantage of this program, customers will utilize eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet-enabled products and level 2 charging equipment. There are three categories of eligible participants:

  • Customers who have a JuiceNet enabled charger (JuiceNet Partner Devices) can get started right away.
  • Customers who have a different brand of EV service equipment will receive a complimentary eMotorWerks JuicePlug, which will JuiceNet enable your existing charger.
  • Customers who do not currently have EV service equipment will be eligible for a $150 discount on the eMotorWerks JuiceBox,’s highest-rated and top-selling charging station.

SmartCharge Rewards

SmartCharge participants are eligible for $150 worth of rewards (determined by their participant category listed above), which may be redeemed in cash or applied towards the purchase of equipment used to participate in the program (e.g., the purchase of a JuicePlug or JuiceBox Pro level 2 charging station).


You receive JuicePoints just by charging your car as you normally would. JuicePoints are earned based on the number of hours your car is plugged in and available to charge and the amount of electric driving you do – the more, the better. You will have the option to decide when and how your rewards are distributed.

  • Redeem JuicePoints for cash via PayPal or donate them to the Sierra Club.
  • Visit eMotorwerk’s website to redeem your points at any time.

Taking advantage of the SmartCharge program ensures your emissions-free vehicle is charged with the most renewable energy possible, provides you with benefits like earning JuicePoints, and increases the stability and renewable energy content of the electricity grid.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email us at

SmartCharge FAQ

All MCE residential customers with an EV that they charge at their home are eligible. Customers are required to have, or be willing to purchase, level 2 charging equipment.

For customers interested in purchasing equipment, the $150 sign-up incentive can be applied as a coupon code towards purchase of JuiceNet-enabled eMotorWerks level 2 charging euqipment.

You can plug in anytime at your convenience. However, in order to earn the most JuicePoints when charging your vehicle, it is best to plug in from 4-9pm during the winter months (November – April) and 1-6pm during the summer months (May – October). To learn more, send us an email at
JuicePoints are earned when your car is plugged in. The amount of JuicePoints you earn depends on the rate of charge and the length of time plugged in. After you enroll in the program, you will receive a personalized email from eMotoWerks with your username, password, and instructions on how to access the JuiceNet platform. You will be able to check the status of your JuicePoints account by logging into:
JuicePoints can be redeemed at anytime.
You won’t be earning JuicePoints, but there is no penalty.
The JuicePlug is compatible with any J1772 plug. Tesla owners will need to use the J1772 adapter that comes with their vehicle.
All level 2 chargers. Level 2 chargers are those that plug into a “dryer outlet” in your home. If your car charges in less than 4 hours or so, you have a level 2 charger.
No, unfortunately you are not eligible to participate in the program with a level 1 charger. To participate in the program you would need to purchase a JuiceNet-enabled charger.
No, you will need a JuiceBox or other level 2 charging equipment. The JuiceBox is a customer favorite on You can easily earn enough JuicePoints to pay for your charger, plus you will have the convenience of fast charging and an easy to use smartphone app allows you to – among other things – control your EV’s charging remotely and view the state of charge.
Installation is easy. A qualified electrician can install a JuiceBox for about $200 – $300 for a basic installation. If you have a 220v outlet (like for a clothes dryer), you can simply plug it in. Electrical costs may vary based on the specific conditions in your home. The best way to determine additional costs for electrical upgrades is to contact your electrician.

Owners of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) – such as a Chevy Volt, Toyota plug-in Prius – are eligible to participate in the SmartCharge program. However, owners of pure hybrids, which are not plugged-in to charge the vehicle’s battery, cannot participate in this pilot program.

Yes. The JuicePlug adapter is compatible with any standard plug (J1772). As long as your JuicePlug adapter is in use, you can participate.
Yes. If you’re interested in learning about eMotorwerks’ commercial charging options, email us at: