Welcome Back to MCE!

At MCE, we are proud to offer our customers a choice when it comes to energy. If you opted out of MCE but have changed your mind, we would be happy to welcome you back.

If you opted out of MCE within 60 days of your official start of service with us, you can return to MCE without any restrictions. Customers who opt out after their first 60 days of MCE service are prohibited by PG&E from returning to MCE for one year.

Contact us at 1 (888) 632-3674 or info@mceCleanEnergy.org to check when your service began and return to MCE.

Your Energy Choices


Light Green guarantees that 60% of your energy service is from renewable sources (currently 61%), while being cost competitive to PG&E.


Deep Green is 100% renewable, Green-e Energy certified power from pollution free solar and wind sources in California.


Local Sol lets anyone in MCE’s service area take advantage of 100% locally produced solar power from the Novato Cooley Quarry solar farm.