Are you looking to replace your gas stove? If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, and looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your home while improving indoor air quality, perhaps an electric or induction stove is a better choice for you.

Before you make a decision on your next kitchen appliance, here are the top four reasons why you should say goodbye to gas:

1. Energy Efficiency
While sheltering in place, we know it’s important to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. Both electric and induction stoves don’t heat the surrounding air as much as gas stoves do. Choosing one of these alternatives means that your kitchen will stay cooler while the appliance is in use and help to reduce air conditioning costs in the hotter months.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality
Electric and induction appliances don’t produce free-floating gases the way gas stoves do. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for you and your family. The gases that build up inside your home when using a gas stove include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and formaldehyde. Getting rid of your gas stove means you can stop worrying about your indoor air quality and focus instead on getting that next recipe just right.

3. Climate Impact
Gas stoves require natural gas, which often travels long distances to reach your home in pipes that can leak into the environment. Reducing the amount of natural gas coming into your home means less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. The simple switch to an electric or induction stove makes reducing your carbon footprint a breeze.

4. Safety
If you’re concerned about the flame from your gas stove or a possible leak, electric or induction may be right for you. Induction stoves address both issues as once, with no gas leaks, no flames, and a quickly cooling surface. Note: conventional electric surfaces don’t cool as quickly as induction, but do avoid the risk of gas leaks. If you’re concerned about little hands in your home touching hot surfaces, consider the switch to an induction stove to help give you peace of mind. Check out our blog post on induction stoves to learn more about why it may be a good choice for you.

Looking for others ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Check out MCE’s energy efficiency programs to help you save energy, money, and the planet. Or, consider choosing 100 percent renewable energy with MCE Deep Green for just $5 more a month on average than your current bill. Simple switches in your daily life can make a big difference in the health of our planet and your home’s air quality.

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