Want an easy way to lower your heating bill this winter? Switching to a smart thermostat may just be the move for you.

Now that the weather is getting colder, your heater might be running more often to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Monitoring your usage can keep your heating bills from getting out of hand. One of the easiest ways to do that is by using a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat offers more control over your home’s temperature and climate than a manual thermostat. They are easy to install and use, and the best part is you’ll see immediate benefits!

Here are the top 5 reasons a smart thermostat will be your new best friend in the colder months ahead!

  1. Save Money 
    The main reason many people switch to a smart thermostat is to save money. Programming a smart thermostat is simple, and it features many built-in settings. Over time, a smart thermostat can help you keep money in your wallet and maximize your energy savings by learning your habits and routines so it can automatically adjust your energy usage without you even lifting a finger.
  2. Automated Reminders
    When was the last time you changed your air filter? A smart thermostat can provide helpful information and reminders to improve the health and air quality of your home. You can even program the thermostat to send you notifications like when your heating and cooling system needs maintenance or repair.
  3. Remote Access
    With a manual thermostat, you have to be at home to make any changes to the temperature. So if you forget to turn off your system before you leave for the day, you’ll be paying to heat an empty home. With a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature from anywhere using an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  4. A More Comfortable Home
    When you have more control over your home’s temperature, you can make sure your home is always comfortable for you. This means if you have been gone all day and are on your way home on a cold night, you can pre-heat your home and have it nice and warm when you get there.
  5. Energy Usage Information for More Ways to Save
    A smart thermostat allows you to review your energy usage history. This will show you how often and how long your system has been running, so you can make informed choices about your schedule and temperature preferences to save even more on your next energy bill.

To start receiving these benefits, switch to a smart thermostat today! MCE wants more of our customers to enjoy the benefits of smart thermostats and reduce their energy usage while increasing the comfort of their home. That’s why we’re offering free smart thermostats to eligible residents and multifamily property owners through our Residential Direct Install Program. Professional installation and set-up with an expert technician is also provided free of charge. Click the button below now to see if you qualify for this limited time offer!

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