This month, MCE and eMotorWerks, a leading provider of intelligent and connected smart-grid charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), announced a cutting-edge partnership to deliver advanced charging solutions for EVs, discounts on a range of smart grid-enabled charging stations, and charging rewards for residential and commercial customers in MCE’s service area.

MCE currently provides energy service to an estimated 4,000 EV owners, and expects to serve over 25,000 EV owners by 2020. Customers interested in the SmartCharge EV program, which launches in January 2017, began enrolling this month through the MCE SmartCharge EV webpage.

“Our mission is to build a path to a cleaner planet by lowering energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Given the growing demand for electric vehicles in our member communities, and the need to incorporate grid information for truly smart charging, we chose to partner with eMotorWerks. Their solutions and services allow us to build a program that can help accelerate EV adoption with renewable energy supply,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE.

Through the eMotorWerks cloud-based JuiceNet® platform, MCE is able to deploy a variety of smart-grid capable EV charging stations that can respond to grid load and pricing conditions. By adapting to real-time conditions, JuiceNet minimizes grid bottlenecks and electricity procurement costs. These dynamic grid and market capabilities enable MCE to further increase its mix of renewable energy, helping to grow local economies, reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, and provide clean and affordable charging options to its customers.

In addition to these benefits, the joint SmartCharge program provides cash back rewards to participants for not charging their EVs at times when demand for electricity is high, while at the same time reducing the need for emissions-heavy sources of energy.

The program is initially focused on residential customers, and provides $150 discounts on smart grid-enabled EV charging stations, including eMotorWerks’ best-selling JuiceBox stations, and additional stations from GE and others. Customers who already own an EV charging station may choose to receive a free JuicePlug, a universal adapter that converts any existing non-connected residential charging station into a smart-grid-ready one with remote charging capability via a smartphone app.

“We’re excited to work with MCE, a well-recognized innovator in the energy community and an important player in California’s new CCA market. Our JuiceNet smart-charging platform, the many EVSE partner options we provide, and our rewards programs for drivers will help MCE with its mission to provide affordable, clean energy to its constituents — both today and well into the future,” said Valery Miftakhov, Founder & CEO of eMotorWerks.