MCE applauds the organizers of the Global Climate Action Summit and supports California in its continued climate leadership and recent goal of achieving 100% carbon-free energy.

We also acknowledge the climate action leadership and partnerships of our 33 member communities and over 470,000 customers, comprised of school and sanitary districts, businesses, residents, towns, and counties. The decisions of these climate leaders to choose 50% to 100% renewable electricity supply and participate in local renewable energy projects are why community choice efforts are leading the way in meeting California’s ambitious climate action goals.

In support of the Global Climate Action Summit we take this opportunity to acknowledge our contributions and progress towards these climate action commitments.

MCE Climate Action Commitments

  1. MCE commits to 500 EV chargers in our service area by 2019.

MCE is working to close the gap on the estimated number of charging ports needed in our service area. We are six years ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit’s commitment to add a significant number of EV chargers by 2025, with plans for the installation of over 500 ports by the end of Q2 2019.

  1. MCE commits that all electricity for transportation will be zero-carbon by 2025.

MCE is five years ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit’s commitment that all electricity for transportation will be zero-carbon by 2030. We have committed that our Light Green, guaranteed 50% renewable, standard energy service will be carbon-free by 2025.

  1. MCE’s electricity supply will be fully decarbonized by 2025.

The Global Climate Action Summit’s commitment is that electricity supply should be fully decarbonized by 2050. MCE is on track to meet this goal 25 years early with our commitment to provide carbon-free electricity as our standard service by 2025.

  1. MCE joins The Climate Group’s EV 100 “Walking the Walk” by transitioning vehicle use to EVs and installing charging at MCE premises by 2030.

Starting in 2019, MCE’s headquarters will have EV charging ports powered by 100% renewable energy service, and we commit that all vehicles purchased by MCE will be EVs. MCE currently offers staff an EV charging credit as a commuter benefit. Starting in 2019, we will offer more programming to help staff drive an EV who are currently commuting in a gas-fueled car.

These commitments by MCE reflect our dedication to the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategy. As California’s first CCA, MCE is redefining the local energy landscape, ensuring rate stability and creating energy choices for customers. Our customers have eliminated nearly 300,000 metric tons of GHG emissions through 2017 alone.

MCE Impacts

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