MCE’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program was created in 2010 to promote the development of new renewable energy projects in MCE’s service area. By providing a standard offer contract with fixed pricing to developers at above-market rates, MCE aims to help overcome barriers to Bay Area renewable energy development.

To date, MCE’s FIT program has installed eight of the total 31 megawatts of new renewable energy in our service area, with another six megawatts in the pipeline. The recent program changes provide incentives for new technology resources outside of solar, promote the creation of pollinator-friendly habitats as a best practice for new solar energy installations, and better align program requirements with current industry design standards.

Updates to the FIT program include:

  • Requiring all new solar generators to pair projects with energy storage
  • Requiring all new solar generators to install pollinator-friendly habitat
  • A $7 per megawatt hour incentive for non-solar, non-baseload renewable technologies
  • A $10 kilowatt per month energy storage incentive for FIT Plus projects

For projects that were already in MCE’s pipeline before the current program updates, developers will have the opportunity to participate under the new program conditions, or continue under the previous program. Developers will also receive a 45-day grace period for the submission of new applications under the previous program requirements.

These new program requirements will help further MCE’s mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing financial incentives for developing new types of renewable energy in the Bay Area, and adding energy storage to increase resiliency in the communities MCE serves. Learn more about our new pollinator-friendly habitat requirements.

Photo: Central Marin Sanitation Agency converts biogas into renewable energy for MCE’s FIT program.

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