If you’re new to MCE service, we know you may have questions. Who is MCE? How are my services changing? Will I need to pay another bill? Is MCE cheaper than my previous service with PG&E? MCE is here to help answer these questions so that you can feel great about your new energy options.

Who is MCE?

As California’s first Community Choice Aggregation Program, MCE is a groundbreaking, not-for-profit, public agency that has been setting the standard for energy innovation in our communities since 2010. MCE offers cleaner power at stable rates, significantly reducing energy-related greenhouse emissions and enabling millions of dollars of reinvestment in local energy programs. MCE provides electricity service to more than 480,000 customer accounts and more than one million residents and businesses in 34 member communities across four Bay Area counties: Contra Costa, Napa, Marin, and Solano.

MCE diagram, biogas, sun, wind turbine, and water send renewable energy through PG&E power lines to your home and business

In comparison to the traditional utility, MCE offers cleaner, locally-controlled, cost-competitive electricity options with 50% more clean energy. MCE customers are greening our electricity supply while helping invest in local energy programs such as electric vehicle charging stations, development of local renewable energy projects, and support of workforce development and local jobs.

How is my service changing?

Now that MCE is your electricity service provider, you have access to additional service options and programs like those mentioned above. Prior to MCE, your default service was 39% renewable. MCE’s standard service, Light Green, offers 60% renewable energy at stable and competitive rates. You can also choose 100% renewable energy through MCE’s Deep Green service, sourced from 100% California wind and solar energy for $5 more a month for the average residential customer. Half of the premium you pay for Deep Green goes towards local projects and programs, helping support the local economy.

Will I need to pay another bill?

MCE customers will continue to receive one bill from PG&E that you can pay as your normally would, whether that’s online, by phone, or by mail. MCE’s electric generation charges will be listed on your PG&E bill, and replace PG&E’s electric generation charges; they are not an additional charge. If you’d like help evaluating your bill, please call 1 (888) 632-3674 or email info@mceCleanEnergy.org.

Page 1 of PG&E monthly billing statement, showing account summary and the separation of PG&E and MCE charges
Electric delivery provided by PG&E and highlighted in blue above.
Electric generation provided by MCE and highlighted in green above.

Is MCE cheaper than my previous service with PG&E?

Over MCE’s 10 years of service, customers have saved over $68 million on their electricity rates. While MCE can’t guarantee we will be less expensive than PG&E, MCE’s mission is to keep rates stable and competitive, making renewable energy affordable for all customers.

MCE’s rates are set by our Board of Directors in a fully transparent process through a series of public meetings. We encourage customers to attend these meetings and voice their opinions about potential rate changes. Historically, we have not changed our rates more than once per year.

For current residential cost comparisons, please visit mceCleanEnergy.org/rates. For current commercial cost comparisons, please visit mceCleanEnergy.org/commercial-rates. If you have more specific questions, please call MCE at 1 (888) 632-3674, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm or send an email to info@mceCleanEnergy.org.

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