Happy New Year from all of us at MCE! Whether or not you’re sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions, here’s a good reason to give yourself a pat on the back: MCE customers have eliminated 122,102 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to removing 25,792 cars from the road for one year!

These efforts are more important now than ever, and MCE remains staunchly committed to its mission to address climate change by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy supply at stable and competitive rates for customers while providing local economic and workforce benefits.

To that end, MCE has committed over $1.6 billion to build new California renewable energy projects. The impact of these projects has been significant on our local workforce, with MCE’s new energy projects supporting more than 2,800 California jobs, and creating approximately 1.2 million union labor hours.

map shows MCE renewable energy projects in California, sun, wind turbine, biogas droplet and hard hat icons show locations

MCE’s growth has been substantial in other areas as well: we now serve 255,000 customers in Marin County, Napa County and the cities of Benicia, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Richmond, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek, and our renewables portfolio continues to account for more than half of our customers’ annual usage.

Additionally, MCE’s Emissions Factor was 65% carbon-free in 2014 (23% below PG&E), and we aim to be at least 95% carbon free by 2025. By choosing 50-100% renewable energy, our member communities are leading the nation by helping to solve a critical issue that affects us all.