MCE is offering free charging for electric vehicles (EVs) at our San Rafael office location in an effort to support our customers during this challenging time.

Instructions for free charging have been posted on our EV charging stations located at 1125 Tamalpais Avenue in San Rafael. MCE’s 10 EV charging stations will be free until further notice, with charging stations conveniently located just two blocks from downtown San Rafael’s Fourth Street. We encourage EV drivers who live in or near the area to take advantage of free EV charging at MCE Solar Charge when you visit essential businesses nearby to shop for food, pick up take-out meals, or receive medical care.

If you’re sheltering in place and have transitioned to charging your EV mostly at home, check out our recent blog post on home charging FAQs that can help you learn more about the best options for you at home.

MCE Solar Charge stations provide 100% renewably-powered EV charging in two ways:

  • When the sun is shining, the charging stations will draw energy from the solar array.
  • Any other time, MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy will be used to support electricity needs with a mix of 50% California wind and 50% California solar.

MCE Solar Charge was built by Marin-based American Solar Corporation, with EV stations funded in part by the Transportation Authority of Marin and Bay Area Air Quality Management District. We are also excited to partner with the Transportation Authority of Marin on the Drive Clean Bay Area program, to help drivers transition to a zero-emission vehicle as part of our clean energy future. Check out more information about this program here.

To find MCE Solar Charge and other EV charging stations, visit the PlugShare map on our website’s EV Charging & Rates page, or use your preferred EV charging station locator app or map.

If it’s your first time charging at MCE, we recommend that you download the Greenlots app from the App Store or the Google Play Store to your mobile device, and create a Greenlots account. You do not need to associate a credit card or pre-load any money into the account, however if you prefer to initiate with a credit card instead of using the mobile app, please see the note on the pay station (located by the elevator in MCE’s San Rafael parking lot).

For more information on other ways MCE can support you during the Shelter-In-Place order, read our recent blog post on energy affordability resources during COVID-19.

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