Guest Blog post by Rebecca Milliken, El Cerrito Environmental Quality Committee Member & MCE Deep Green Customer

As the City of El Cerrito celebrates its 100th anniversary, the City’s volunteer-based Environmental Quality Committee (EQC) is using the yearlong celebration as an opportunity to promote a greener, more sustainable future. The EQC partnered with MCE to launch the 100 for 100 initiative, encouraging residents and businesses alike to opt up to 100% renewable energy service to celebrate El Cerrito’s 100th!

EQC volunteers are serving as Deep Green Ambassadors at City Centennial events — dances, talks, film screenings, walking tours, and more — throughout the yearlong celebration. They will be raising awareness about the benefits of MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy option, and the electricity choices available to El Cerrito residents and businesses.

By choosing 100% renewable energy, El Cerrito customers are helping the city reach its climate action goals and supporting a cleaner, greener planet for future generations. Average Deep Green households eliminate approximately 2,417 pounds of polluting greenhouse gas emissions in one year. That’s like avoiding 2,628 miles in traffic! Better yet, Deep Green keeps giving more green back to the planet. Half of the revenue from the Deep Green premium funds the development of local renewable energy projects.

Among MCE member communities, El Cerrito is proud to have the second highest percentage of Deep Green customers; yet, there is still a huge opportunity to grow our renewable energy community in El Cerrito and beyond. Given the current political climate, we’re grateful for the opportunity to make positive change locally through our 100 for 100 initiative, and proud to be celebrating our energy options this year!

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