Flex Your (Conservation) Power!

To prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse, MCE is urging all California residents and businesses to use this event as an opportunity to reduce electricity use by taking part in at least one action on the “Simple Plan for the Solar Eclipse.” This once-in-50-year celestial event will take place on Monday, August 21st from 9:02-11:54 am.

Our Commitment  

MCE has proudly joined PG&E, state and local governments, clean energy businesses, and advocacy organizations to stand up for California’s clean energy future during the solar eclipse as a “Do Your Thing for the Sun” Partner.

Share Your Strategy

Help us build awareness about California’s clean energy leadership by tagging @mceCleanEnergy on social media to let us know what you’ve done and share the plan with your friends and followers! #SolarEclipse2017 #Eclipse2017 #CASolarEclipse

illustration on how to prepare for a solar eclipse, shows instructions on what to do a week and night before, and morning of

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