Corte Madera-Community MicroGrids: Renewable Energy and Resilience

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In the fall of 2019, the Bay Area faced widespread power shutoffs resulting from climate change-fueled extreme weather and fire danger. Not having power for 3-6 days was inconvenient for most but dangerous and very costly for others. We must develop a safer, more reliable, less expensive and lower emission approach to delivering electricity to homes and businesses. The current system of sole reliance upon centralized power suppliers and long-distance transmission has failed us. Fortunately, solutions are being developed.

We need to transition quickly to a future where communities can generate all, or most, of their own power and ‘island’ from the larger grid in the case of emergency to be entirely self-sufficient.

Attend this event to learn about:

-The problems with our current electrical grid
-Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
-Advances in energy storage and solar + storage
-Community Microgrids as an approach to energy resilience
-The Advanced Community Energy (ACE) Initiative and what policy changes are required to enable widespread microgrids
-Current microgrid projects in California and Marin
-Organizations in Marin involved in supporting new energy approaches and how individuals can become involved.