Finance & Governance

How is MCE financed?

MCE is financed by the revenues received from our customers based on the electricity they consume. MCE is self-funded and does not use any tax dollars. MCE is a not-for-profit public agency which ensures that any financial benefits directly serve the community.

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Are any tax dollars used to finance or operate MCE?

No, MCE does not receive tax dollars. MCE is funded by the revenue received from our customers based on the electricity they use.

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Do MCE’s member cities and county assume any financial risk or obligation for participating in MCE?

No. The cities and counties have firewalled their general funds through the formation of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA). The debts and liabilities of the JPA do not extend to the member cities and counties. This firewall is protected by state law.

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Does the MCE Board of Directors receive a salary or other payment or benefits?

No. The Directors are not paid by MCE. The MCE Board of Directors is comprised of elected city and county officials representing each of the communities that MCE serves.

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Who governs and administers MCE?

MCE is governed by a 28-member Board of Directors representing each of the member communities that it serves. MCE's local government structure ensures public transparency. The Board conducts its business in monthly meetings that are always open to the public. For more information about our Board and Committee meetings, please see the Meeting Archive.

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