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EV Charging Station Rebates for Workplaces & Multifamily Properties

California is leading the way in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. In fact, your area has over 23,000 EV drivers on the road now and is projected to add at least another 33,000 EVs in the next four years. Will these drivers be living or working at your property?

MCE’s generous rebate programs for EV charging stations can help workplace and multifamily properties save on hardware and installation costs, making now the right time to take action. MCE’s EV Charging Program covers both large and small charging stations (from 2 to 20+ charging ports), so properties of any size can benefit.

Take Advantage of Lower Cost Charger Installation

MCEv Charging 
Eligible Locations Workplaces and Multifamily Properties (market rate and income-qualified with 4 or more units) within MCE’s service area*
Project Size 2-20 charging ports
Open to New Applicants Yes
Rebate Amount $3,000 per port from MCE
Stackable with other incentives Yes
Technical Assistance Provided by MCE
Electricity Service Powering Charging Stations MCE Deep Green 100% renewable energy for a rebate bonus of +$500/port (or) MCE Light Green 60% renewable energy
*MCE’s service area includes: Marin and Napa Counties, unincorporated Contra Costa County, and the Cities and Towns of Benicia, Concord, Danville, El Cerrito, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Pablo, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek. MCE provides an additional $575 to $725 to eligible PG&E EV Charge Network participants. The total rebate amount received by a participant is not to exceed $2,300 per port.

Add Value to Your Parking Lot with Help from MCE


Workplaces of any sector (including local government agencies) and multi-family properties with 4 or more units can participate in our EV charging rebate programs if they are MCE customers and the subsequent charging stations are metered as an MCE account.

The MCEv Charging rebate can reimburse the installation and/or hardware costs of networked Level 2 charging stations at workplaces and multi-family properties – not to exceed 100% of the total project costs after all incentives are accounted for.

The MCEv rebate does NOT cover any annual vendor fees, maintenance costs, or electricity costs of the charging ports.

In addition to our rebate and general support, MCE provided technical assistance for qualified EV charging projects in our program. The following services are covered under this assistance:

  • Site assessment, including a review of ADA and options for charging station placement
  • Load study, which helps you understand the site’s electrical capacity for EV charging and what upgrades may need to occur
  • EV charger planning report, which incorporates #1 and #2 while also including an overview of additional incentives available, support in EV charging vendor selection, and recommendations for operating your EV chargers (e.g. pricing for users) post-installation
  • Ongoing technical Q/A

The customer is still responsible for managing their own project, including selecting a vendor.

MCE’s mission is “to address climate change by reducing energy related greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy supply and energy efficiency at stable and competitive rates for customers while providing local economic and workforce benefits.”

Buildings account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions, but transportation is the largest emitting sector in our service area.

MCE currently serves more than 1 million residents and businesses and their buildings with local, renewable electricity. We want to do the same for EV drivers in our service area, which are anticipated to grow to 33,000 EV drivers within four years. One way we can serve our customers, improve air quality, and reduce emissions is anticipating the need for greater access to charging at workplaces and multifamily properties, especially those in underserved communities.

EVs are great but they are only as clean as the electricity provided to them. Aside from rebates, MCE is helping site hosts power those charging stations with renewable service from 100% California wind and solar energy.

Yes, you can determine who is able to access the chargers and when. You can even work with your charging vendor to set fee and rate structures to increase their utilization and, if desired, set discounts for certain user groups to easily manage benefits.

No, but you do have the option to allow the public to access your charging stations, which could provide benefits for your site, such as an additional revenue stream and more awareness of your property being EV friendly. You can work with your charging vendor to set fee and rate structures for different groups of people you serve. For example, an employer who wants to provide charging for staff at a free or discounted rate can create special access codes for that group while charging a different rate for the general public.

Most of our customers’ projects in our FY18/19 program took 8-12 months from the time a rebate was reserved to when the EV charging was activated. Key variables that can impact your EV charging project timeline are internal decision maker approval, meeting permitting requirements, site selection,and possible electrical infrastructure upgrades.

MCE recommends ensuring your project budget can span two fiscal years in case delays occur.

To help ensure you have a positive experience with EV charging, any customer going through MCEv Charging must use a vendor on PG&E’s or MCE’s approved list. These vendors were selected by PG&E due to their product meeting basic requirements, their experience installing the stations, and servicing the charging network.

MCE may expand our approved vendor list in 2020. If you’d like to be considered as a vendor for an expanded list, please fill out the vendor Solicitation Form on this page.

Yes, there are different agencies that provide funding that stacks with projects approved for MCEv Charging. Additional funding includes:

To learn more or qualify your project for a rebate, please complete the EV and Charging Interest Form and we will get back in touch with you. You can also contact us at or (415) 464-6686.

EV and Charging Interest Form

Find a Public Charging Station Near You

MCE is a proud sponsor of charging stations in San Rafael, Belvedere, San Anselmo, and many more to come throughout our service area. Visit Plug Share to find a charging station near you.

Don’t have a convenient place to charge when you’re not at home?

MCE is working on installing more EV charging stations in our service area to make it easier to own an electric vehicle. If you have had difficulty finding a charging station along your commute, please let us know by completing the form below.

Special Electricity Rates for EV Drivers

Our residential EV rates are often lower than investor-owned utility rates, providing EV drivers a cost-effective way of charging their car at home. MCE’s EV rates are based on the time of day when a car is charged, with incentives for charging during off-peak usage hours like at night when charging is least expensive. This helps to support the grid by shifting load away from times of the day when usage is high and there is more strain on the grid towards times when generation is plentiful and overall usage is low.

EV rates apply to all of your household electricity usage, so even your late night TV binge watching will be cheaper! You’ll want to avoid charging during peak periods when rates are higher.

To sign up for EV rates, please complete PG&E’s online application or call PG&E at: 1 (866) 743-0335. Once your account has moved to PG&E’s EV rate schedule, your MCE account will automatically be billed under the corresponding MCE EV rate.

Go the Extra Mile with ZERO Emission Electricity

As an EV driver you already know that you have greatly reduced your carbon footprint by eliminating all of the tailpipe emissions that come out of your car.

Have you considered the emissions associated with the electricity that goes into your car? By choosing Deep Green 100% renewable energy for your household electricity, the emissions associated with charging your car are ZERO!

Deep Green logo, tetragon shape, says powered by Deep Green 100% renewable, shows MCE logo