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Investing in Sustainability Careers: Training & Job Creation through Local Partnerships

This series explores the ways environmental justice is essential to MCE’s mission to address climate change by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions with renewable energy and energy efficiency. In order to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, California has been sheltering-in-place for months, closing businesses, and leaving record numbers of community members unemployed, [...]

What’s the Difference Between Carbon-Free & Renewable Energy?

The terms carbon-free and renewable are often used in similar contexts, but these two resources create different environmental and economic impacts. For example, MCE’s standard service, Light Green, is a minimum of 60% renewable and, in 2019, was also 90% carbon-free. So, what does it mean when energy is described as carbon-free or renewable, [...]

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Certify & Amplify 2020: MCE Hosts CPUC Supplier Diversity Program Workshop for Local Businesses

MCE recently hosted our second annual, free workshop introducing local businesses to the benefits and opportunities available through the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Supplier Diversity Program. Our local Chambers of Commerce helped us get the word out, and we invited businesses to learn how to certify through this unique contracting clearinghouse for California’s [...]

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MCE’s Energy Efficiency Programs: 2019 Annual Report

As part of MCE’s mission to reduce electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions, we offer customers the opportunity to participate in a variety of energy efficiency programs. These programs provide the chance for customers to reduce their electricity bills and improve the comfort of their homes, while decreasing their carbon footprint. In 2019 MCE offered multifamily, single-family, [...]

MCE Changemaker: Barbara Postel

The Changemaker blog series celebrates MCE’s 10-year anniversary by recognizing the extraordinary people who support us and further our mission. Barbara Postel lives in Atchison Village, a mutual homes association [cooperative] in Richmond, CA that was originally built as housing for Kaiser Shipyard workers during World War II. Today it is a diverse, 450 unit, [...]

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MCE Awards Community Advocates for Outstanding Environmental Leadership

2020 Honorees of Annual MCE Advocacy Awards include Gloria Castillo of San Rafael’s Canal Alliance, the National Council for Jewish Women Contra Costa Section, and Sustainable Rossmoor FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 29, 2020 MCE Press Contact: Jenna Famular, Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — MCE’s Board of Directors recognized [...]

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MCE Receives 2020 Acterra Business Environmental Award

MCE Solar One Recognized in the Environmental Project Category in Partnership with City of Richmond and RichmondBUILD FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 22, 2020 MCE Press Contact: Jenna Famular, Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — MCE will be the recipient of Acterra’s 2020 Business Environmental Award in the Environmental Project [...]

MCE Offers Free Charging for Electric Vehicles at MCE Solar Charge in San Rafael

MCE is offering free charging for electric vehicles (EVs) at our San Rafael office location in an effort to support our customers during this challenging time. Instructions for free charging have been posted on our EV charging stations located at 1125 Tamalpais Avenue in San Rafael. MCE’s 10 EV charging stations will be free until [...]

Is MCE Cheaper than PG&E? And Other Facts About MCE

If you’re new to MCE service, we know you may have questions. Who is MCE? How are my services changing? Will I need to pay another bill? Is MCE cheaper than my previous service with PG&E? MCE is here to help answer these questions so that you can feel great about your new energy [...]

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MCE Announces 10-Year Anniversary

Pictured above: MCE celebrates at its launch event on May 7, 2010. Founding Board Chair, Charles McGlashan, is at the podium. Celebrating Its Role in Transforming Community Energy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 7, 2020 MCE Press Contact: Jenna Famular, Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — MCE is excited to [...]

MCE Community Partnerships Support Resiliency Efforts

MCE is partnering with local community-based organizations to inform our resiliency program strategy, enabling us to more effectively serve our customers. As a public agency formed by local advocacy, community partnerships and collaborations are not only core to our mission but also offer a unique ability to create programs through grassroots engagement sensitive to local [...]

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MCE Board Policy on Microgrids

On April 2, 2020, MCE’s Board of Directors adopted a new set of principles known as the “Principles of Preferred Resources for Microgrid Development Related to Public Safety Power Shutoffs.” While project development guidelines exist for the development of “behind-the-meter,” or customer-side microgrids, there is little guidance around the process for developing community-scale or “front-of-the-meter” [...]

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A Decade of Community Choice Energy in California

How a Decade of Community Choice Changed California’s Energy Landscape for Good By Dawn Weisz, CEO, MCE “New ideas pass through three periods: 1) It can’t be done. 2) It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing. 3) I knew it was a good idea all along!” –Arthur C. Clarke Community Roots: [...]

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What Is the California Climate Credit on My Energy Bill?

This April, customers will see the annual California Climate Credit show up on their PG&E bill. The credit is typically applied to customers’ bills each year in April and October as part of California’s efforts to fight climate change. This State program requires power plants, natural gas distributers, and other large industries that emit [...]

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How MCE Employees Support Our Mission to Protect the Earth

Earth Day is upon us and the theme for 2020 is “climate action.” In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, MCE is shining a light on one of the ways that MCE employees celebrate the earth all year long by taking actions to make their commutes more eco-friendly (when they [...]

MCE Announces Partner for Comprehensive Energy Storage Program

TRC will help support MCE’s community and vulnerable customer resiliency efforts FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 12, 2020 MCE Press Contact: Jenna Famular | Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — MCE is pleased to announce TRC as our partner to develop and implement an innovative, dispatchable, behind-the-meter battery energy storage [...]

Happy 50th Anniversary Earth Day!

In these challenging times, we remain committed to creating climate resilience within the communities we serve in Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties. “We’ll just keep trying to do the right thing…to do the best for the Earth...with every action and decision we make.” —MCE Founding Board Chair, Charles McGlashan (1961–2011) Together with our [...]

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Energy Affordability Resources for Support During COVID-19

During this time at home, MCE would like to support our customers looking to reduce their energy consumption and save money on energy bills. There are a variety of ways that you can reduce your bill through various discount programs, energy efficiency, and emergency financial assistance programs. You can learn more about these resources by [...]

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MCE Changemaker: Supervisor John Vasquez

The Changemaker blog series celebrates MCE's 10 year anniversary by recognizing the extraordinary people who support us and further our mission. Representing Unincorporated Solano County’s Voice This April, MCE became the primary electricity provider for unincorporated Solano County. MCE is honored to welcome Supervisor John Vasquez to its Board of Directors as the representative for [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Clean Energy (without Installing Your Own Solar Panels!)

As an increasing number of Californians join the effort to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many households and businesses are looking into rooftop solar options. Installing solar panels is a great way to offset your electricity-related carbon footprint and reduce your electricity costs, but for many of us rooftop solar may not be a [...]

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MCE Temporarily Suspends Customer Collection Activities

MCE is suspending the return of non-paying customers back to PG&E service, and suspending all collections activities FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 19, 2020 Press Contact: Jenna Famular | Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. – In response to the COVID-19 crisis, MCE has suspended the return of non-paying customers back to [...]

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Answers to 7 FAQs about Charging Electric Vehicles at Home

One of the most underrated benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) is being able to permanently remove “go to the gas station” from your Errands To Do List. With an EV, you can “refuel” at the most convenient place: your home. Home EV charging is easy to set up, but can be new territory for [...]

MCE Partners for 160 MW New California Solar Energy

Longroad Energy Acquires First Solar's Little Bear Solar Portfolio FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 2, 2020 MCE Press Contact: Jenna Famular, Communications Manager (925) 378-6747 | TEMPE, Ariz. and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — US-headquartered First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) announced today that Longroad Energy is the acquirer of four solar projects with a combined capacity [...]

New Incentives and Improvements Added to MCE’s Feed-in Tariff Program

MCE’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program was created in 2010 to promote the development of new renewable energy projects in MCE’s service area. By providing a standard offer contract with fixed pricing to developers at above-market rates, MCE aims to help overcome barriers to Bay Area renewable energy development. To date, MCE’s FIT program has [...]

Pollinator-Friendly Ground Cover Now Required for New Solar Projects

MCE is excited to announce a pollinator program requirement designed to safeguard critical habitats.* MCE is the first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that requires new solar project partners to plant pollinator-friendly ground cover throughout the project site and submit a pollinator scorecard every three years. This new requirement – which applies to both [...]

MCE Approved for $750,000 Grant to Support Critical Resiliency Facilities

The Marin Community Foundation recently approved a two-year grant of $750,000 to MCE through the Buck Family Fund. MCE will use the grant to support clean energy resiliency for nonprofit critical facilities and affordable housing in Marin County. In the face of wildfire threats, we recognize that the decision to shut off electricity service is [...]

Top 3 Ways Electric Vehicles Save You Money

Once considered niche, EVs were initially promoted as luxury cars with a six-figure sticker price. Today, the growing number of public charging stations and lower costs make EVs a compelling option for car shoppers. There are now several rebates that can make the cost of buying or leasing an EV even less than a gas-fueled [...]