MCE’s rates will reduce by 9% on average, effective September 1, 2016. The cost of MCE Light Green 50% renewable energy service will be
slightly less than the cost of
PG&E 30% renewable energy service for typical residential and commercial customers.

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Our mission is to address climate change by reducing energy related greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy supply and energy efficiency at stable and competitive rates for customers while providing local economic and workforce benefits.

Why renewable? To help solve a critical issue that affects us all. Renewables come from constantly replenishing a virtually limitless supply of natural resources. Think sun, wind, tides, bioenergy and geothermal heat. By turning to these sources instead of fossil fuels, we can help create a clean and secure energy future for California.

In the Words of Our Deep Green Customers

We want to help the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Deep Green will achieve that goal and the cost to each of our regular players will be pennies per year.
Tom Miller, Marin Bocce Federation, Board of Directors President
Lotus Cuisine works hard to reduce our environmental impact. We were certified as a Bay Area Green Business and are continuously working on more eco-friendly improvements to our restaurant. This commitment to the environment has led us to switch our energy supply to 100% Deep Green renewable energy from MCE.
Lotus Cuisine of India
Marin Power Yoga is committed to increasing the health and joy of our community. It is critical that we are conscious of the choices we make and how we invest our resources. We selected Deep Green because we believe in renewable energy. We believe the choices we make set an example for our kids!
Marin Power Yoga
Doing what we can, every step of the way. That’s the name of the game! Yay for MCE Clean Energy!
Station House Cafe
Using 100% renewable energy at our Napa Quarry is a great way to save money while doing something good for our environment.
Syar Industries
Over our 26 year existence, we have sought to reduce our carbon footprint and choose sustainable building and operational practices. Choosing Deep Green for our energy was one of the many wise and kind actions we can take to support our planet and begin to alleviate the burdens of climate change.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Choosing Deep Green 100% renewable energy aligns perfectly with the mission of the Tamalpais Community Services District to protect and enhance a healthy community in Tamalpais Valley. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through Deep Green is an easy way for us to be better stewards of the environment.
Jon Elam, Tamalpais Community Services District, General Manager
The Town of Fairfax understands that climate change has the potential to significantly affect our residents and businesses, as well as other communities around the world. We recognizes that local governments play a strong role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the potential impacts of climate change, thus, the Town’s desire to participate in Deep Green.
Town of Fairfax
MALT helps preserve the rich agricultural heritage of Marin County by protecting its clean water, clear air and open space. Climate change threatens Marin’s farming way of life. We operate on 100% renewable energy from MCE because reducing fossil fuel pollution will help our cause in the long run. MALT is proud to join a community of businesses and organizations in Marin who choose to reduce our carbon impact through MCE’s Deep Green Energy Program.
Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT)
Earthsite was founded on the core principles of sustainability. It is so wonderful that we live and work in a county that offers us a choice in where we source our energy. When we found out it was possible to go with 100% renewable energy we jumped on board. Thank you MCE for helping us walk the talk!
The San Anselmo Town Council chose to enroll our municipal operations in MCE’s Deep Green program because of the Town’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Town’s Climate Action Plan calls for a reduction in emissions of 15% below 2005 levels by 2020. Enrolling in the Deep Green program was the most effective, least costly way of making progress toward this goal.
Town of San Anselmo
Sunspeed Enterprises is building the Pacific Coast SunTrail route, the first 100% renewable energy powered series of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers along California’s rural Highway 1. Our first site at the Old Livery Stable in Point Reyes Station already had solar on the roof and it would have been difficult to add a renewable energy source that could provide the power required for a DC Fast Charger. By purchasing MCE’s Deep Green power, we can provide EV drivers public charging in Pt. Reyes Station and keep our commitment to 100% renewable energy.
Richard Sachen, Sunspeed Enterprises, CEO
We’ve been waiting for the opportunity to purchase 100% renewable energy! Auberge du Soleil is delighted to choose MCE’s Deep Green program – effectively offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time supporting local, sustainable development projects.
Auberge du Soleil
Noci is a certified Marin Green Business and member of Marin Organic. We signed up for Deep Green in 2010 because we share our customer’s environmental values and sustainability is one of our highest priorities. We were thrilled to have a new energy option in town!
Noci Gelato
We are honored to have the opportunity to help this initiative succeed. It’s yet another way we can take charge of our impact, and be the difference we want to see in the world. The additional cost of Deep Green 100% renewable energy is just a penny more per kilowatt-hour. Here in the office, we use an average of 350 KwH per month, which means we’re paying just $3.50 extra. How easy is that?!
Hurricane Hauling & Demolition
Employee owned since 2002, The Natural Grocery Company is grounded in a desire to nourish our community with high quality, organic, wholesome foods. We are also committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through operational systems such as composting, recycling, expansive solar panels, and using green power. We are proud to subscribe to Deep Green energy.
The Natural Grocery Company
NatureBridge, as an organization dedicated to fostering environmental literacy to sustain our planet, recognizes both the environmental and educational benefits of enrolling in MCE Deep Green. Renewable energy represents one of the greatest areas of opportunity for creating a sustainable world and the ability to message our commitment is a valuable addition to our education program.
As active members of the Richmond community, G & O Tires is proud to be an MCE Deep Green customer. Not only are we pleased to reduce carbon emissions by using 100% renewable electricity, but we’re also glad that a portion of what we pay goes towards developing solar projects right here in Richmond! That means local jobs and workforce training, which is kind of thing we need to build a healthy economy for our community.
Mr. Ochoa, G&O Tires, Manager
Kappe Architects is a LEED Accredited firm and has always had a strong commitment to sustainable design, so it is only natural for us to be a Deep Green partner.
Kappe Architects
Marshall Motor Works is a family owned business based in Marin County. We chose to become part of MCE’s Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy Program because it is our responsibility to serve the community in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally sound. MCE’s Deep Green Program is a simple, meaningful, and cost effective way for us to engage in this effort.
Marshall Motor Works
At our core is a fundamental commitment to the environment and the source of our electricity is extremely important to us. Having MCE in our community gives us the rare chance to choose 100% renewable energy. Thanks MCE!
Doodlebug is dedicated to providing a range of great activities and experiences for children in our community and we can’t imagine NOT doing our best to protect the environment in which they’ll enjoy their futures. Choosing Deep Green was a no brainer for us. It’s easy to enroll, it’s the responsible thing to do and the cost averages less for businesses than PG&E. We would love to see San Anselmo come together and have all businesses and households go 100% renewable. Our kids would be proud of us.
The National Park Service preserves and protects the precious natural and cultural resources of the United States of America for the enjoyment of current and future generations. To meet that Mission, Point Reyes National Seashore embraces Deep Green 100% renewable energy. Thanks MCE!
Body Kinetics is a family owned neighborhood health club in business since 1990. Because we promote social involvement with the purpose of supporting community, environmental and health causes, choosing Deep Green was an easy decision.
Body Kinetics
Deep Green Makes sense to Mana Bowls. Renewable energy is wise beyond it’s years. Climate change to greenhouse gas is serious issue and any help we can generate is a feel good move. Thanks MCE!

Todd Donaldson, Mana Bowls, Owner
At Wild Birds Unlimited, we help our customers connect with birds and nature around their homes. We choose to participate in MCE’s Deep Green service because we believe that our business practices should reflect and support our mission of promoting appreciation of the natural world.
Wild Birds Unlimited
Glad to reduce our greenhouse emissions by tons, this year and every year in the future.
Ernie Weir, Hagafen Cellars

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