Located in central Marin County, Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD) is the first sanitary district in MCE’s service area to vote to opt up their electricity service from 50 percent renewable to 100 percent California renewable energy through MCE Deep Green, starting in July 2018.

RVSD’s change to 100% renewable energy is expected to increase their annual operating and maintenance costs by only 0.05%, or about $8,000 per year, and deliver zero Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from all district operations.

Opting up to 100% renewable electricity from MCE was a simple and immediately available way for RVSD to move the needle on our sustainability and community health goals,” said Pam Meigs, RVSD Board Director. “Deep Green is a powerful way to achieve objectives we set in our Strategic Plan, while also supporting local and state governments’ climate action plan and resiliency goals.

For help applying MCE’s renewable service towards your company’s sustainability goals, contact Chris Kubik, 415-464-6021.

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