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Green Home Loans

Tired of having to choose between being warm or cool and being able to afford your energy bill? We can help. Through First Community Bank, we offer Green Home Loans that can be repaid directly through your PG&E bill each month, so it’s easy and economical for you to green your home. Our low-interest loans can help you upgrade your home energy system so your house is not only more comfortable but also energy efficient. Use Green Home Loans for whole home retrofits or single projects like HVAC replacement. “Greening” your home could save you 20% or more on utility bills.

For loans up to $30,000 and rebates up to $4,500, simply:

  • Get an in-home assessment from an energy expert
  • Pick your favorite projects – either a home upgrade or HVAC & hot water replacement
  • Qualify for your loan with a 640+ credit score*, then repay it on your PG&E bill
  • Use up to 30% of your loan for the home project of your choice
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Loan Details

*Minimum FICO score of 640; proof of homeownership; property taxes current; no liens, judgments, notice of default, or other notices filed against property being improved
5-year Term Loan Amount $5,000.00 5-year Term Loan Amount $10,000.00 10-year Term Loan Amount $10,000.00
Sample Monthly Payments 60 monthly payments of $98.05 60 monthly payments of $196.09 120 monthly payments of $114.02
Annual Percentage Rate 7.871% 7.224% 6.931%

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