Same Bill. Lower Rates. Cleaner Energy.

Utility bills can be confusing, so we work with PG&E to make yours as simple and transparent as possible. While MCE is in charge of procuring the energy you use behind the scenes, you’ll still get your normal PG&E bill. Here are a few things you should know:

  • PG&E will no longer charge you for Electric Generation, since MCE now procures your energy from 50-100% renewable sources, depending on your plan.
  • PG&E will continue to charge for Electric Delivery: the transmission and delivery of your electricity, as well as required regulatory and program charges, at the same rates they always have.

Because PG&E and MCE are working together to provide your electric service, your bill will include charges from both PG&E and MCE, but there will never be any duplicate charges.

Customer Service

MCE and PG&E are dedicated to working together to make your power service and billing as simple and convenient as we can. If you have questions about your MCE charges, call us at 1 (888) 632-3674 or email us at For questions about other PG&E charges, call PG&E at 1 (866) 743-0335.

Here’s what your PG&E bill will look like with MCE.