Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy

Whether you’re a resident or a business owner, you have the power to change the amount of renewable energy that is put on the grid. With Deep Green, all of the power you buy for your home or business comes from 100% non-polluting, Green-e Energy certified, wind and solar power produced in California.

  • Affordable. For average residential customers, Deep Green is only $5 more per month than Light Green 60% renewable service.

  • Contributes to new, local renewables. Half of the Deep Green premium goes toward the Deep Green Renewable Development Fund, which helps to fund the build out of local renewable energy projects. Not only are you purchasing renewable energy, you’re helping to get new renewable projects onto the grid. Thanks to Deep Green customers, we’ve built MCE Solar One, the Bay Area’s largest public-private solar partnership.

Deep Green Power Sources

California Wind 50%
California Solar 50%

Deep Green power comes from non-polluting, wind and solar sources in California. Because it’s independently verified by Green-e, the nation’s leading renewable energy certification program, you can be confident that your Deep Green power meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards.

The Rewards of Being a Deep Green Businesses

Environmental Certifications

Choosing Deep Green can help with your business attain LEED, Climate Registry, and Bay Area Green Business certification.

Deep Green Champions Program

And because we believe that success is a two-way street, MCE supports and promotes our Deep Green commercial customers in a variety of ways through our Deep Green Champions program. See why 100% renewable energy service was right for these local business owners.

Enroll in Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy

Thank you for choosing 100% non-polluting, Green-e Energy certified, California wind and solar power. Half of your $0.01/kWh Deep Green premium will fund the build out of local, solar projects in our service area.

The Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) movement is spreading throughout California. The following CCAs in the Greater Bay Area proudly offer 100% renewable energy options:

MCE’s voluntary Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy product is Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at